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Meline Mazmanyan & Sam Naimi

Mental health, gender, and sexuality are particularly delicate subjects, especially when they intersect with film and television. With our expertise in these fields, we can assist you in developing that perfect script, consummating that niche character, and shining a light on those nuances you really want to hit home with viewers.

Who Are You


As a writer, the task of characterizing your subjects is an integral process within content development. Consider CinemaPsych your guide toward developing characters who fall under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, as well as those who work in the fields of psychology and mental health. We are your assistants in overall script procurement, lean on us for clarification on any social identities you’d like your characters to hold. We will help you portray your storyline in a palatable, delicate manner.


As actors, there can be immense pressure for impeccable performance. The experts behind CinemaPsych will help you understand the psychology behind your character. We will guide you toward inhabiting your character by teaching you the inner, unconscious landscape fueling his or her behavior.

Producer or Director

We want to provide you with the necessary toolset to portray mental health, gender, and sexuality in the most effective ways possible. As producers and directors, your job is to mold your final product into a beautiful and cohesive masterpiece. CinemaPsych’s role, then, is to hold your product together; we become the filter that helps enhance the vision you have for your project. We guide and nourish your art by helping you understand the complexities behind sensitive topics such as psychology, gender, and sexuality.

Sam Naimi

Sam Naimi is an expert in the fields of gender, sexuality, and mental health. Sam received his dual bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and in English literature. His undergraduate writing focused on theoretical orientations to popular culture and representations of the LGBTQ+ community on-screen. Sam is now a Master of Social Work candidate at the University of Southern California, where he works as a psychotherapist for the undergraduate and graduate student populations.

Sam is a published author whose written works regard television and portrayals of transgender and gender nonconforming characters. His most recent book chapter can be found within Cornell University Press’ forthcoming collection Feminism at Work, in which he discusses his experiences working in celebrity publicity during the era of #MeToo.

Sam has extensive work experience in the entertainment industry, experience evidenced in his consultation work on-set for film and television. Sam has worked at The Ellen DeGeneres Show and at TMZ, as well as at the entertainment PR firm PMK*BNC. In PR, Sam worked with clients including Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves, Sally Field, and Jamie Lee Curtis. Sam is well-suited toward working with high-profile figures and he is particularly sensitive to working with them confidentially.

Meline Mazmanyan

Meline Mazmanyan has an extensive background in behavioral and mental health, program evaluations, and psychological consultation. She received her B.A in Psychology from the University of California, Sant Barbara and her Masters in Clinical Psychology (with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy) from Pepperdine University. She is currently a doctoral candidate in a Clinical Psychology Ph.D program at Alliant International University.

Meline’s professional expertise pertains to multiculturalism. Her interests include working with immigrants, racial/ethnic minorities, and college students. Ms. Mazmanyan integrates interpersonal and environmental factors when conceptualizing cases. Her consultation work is fueled by her background in psychology to assist writers and directors to better portray mental health in cinema and television.

Meline has served as a counselor in various settings: charter middle schools, department of mental health sites, and community college/university campuses. She is currently a practicum counselor at the University of Southern California’s Center for Mental Health.

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We provide consultation services for entertainment professionals seeking guidance in representing gender, sexuality, and all things psychology/mental health on-screen.

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